Cover Illustrations 
for The Guide Istanbul

2015 - 2019

Summer Nights in the City
July-August 2017
Nostalgic Issue
Istanbul in Black and White
January February 2016
The Guide Istanbul 25th year special cover.
November-December 2016
Summer in the city.
July-August 2016
The Guide Istanbul 150th Issue
September October 2015
Simit-Symbol of the City
November-December 2017
Istanbul Coffee Culture from past to today.
January-February 2019
Prince's Islands
May-June 2018
Ottoman Archery-Minuature Art
May-June 2017
March-April 2017
Istanbul Bicycle Routes
March-April 2018

January-February 2018
New Season
September - October 2017
Ottoman Guide 
Time Travel to 1895
January February 2017
Nostalgic Issue
Ara Guler Museum
September October 2018
Spring in the City
March April 2016

Kadırga / New Year
November-Dcember 2018
Turkish Foods
July-August 2018
The Heritage Issue
January February 2015
Wedding Season 
March April 2015
May-June 2017

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